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I know, it’s been a while since our last update. That’s partly due to simply being busy, and, another part being that I’m just now finally getting the website back in order after it crashed earlier this year… Whoops!

And, you might be wondering, where have we been? 

Well, here. 

Normally we spend some time each summer traveling and seeing many of our ministry partners around the country. That was not the case this summer, however. 

Over the past year Grace has experienced more transition than normal for an organization our size. We saw an above average number of people move away because of jobs and family, we transitioned to a new Lead Pastor, we unexpectedly had to move locations, and, with the new location we’ve had to change our strategy for outreach and growth. It’s been a lot to say the least. 

So, this summer we made the difficult decision to stay here to serve the efforts we’ve had going on. 

Upon moving into our new location we quickly discovered that we were right across the street from a large grant housing complex called the Amsterdam Houses. We prayed and were able to connect with some key relationships who invited us in to hear about the needs of the people who live there. 

We were able to sit in on their monthly community meetings which led us to partner with residents who put up flyers for our Mother’s Day service. We gave out free family portraits to all moms and their family. The response was bigger than we had anticipated. 

We also partnered with a local coffee shop to give away coffee and let people know about our Easter Service. It was encouraging to meet a local business man who was excited about what we were doing and eager to help. 

We also connected with a local man who runs an organization called Positive Influence reaching and empowering youth to make positive decisions in life. It was through this relationship that we were asked to serve at the Amsterdam Houses Family Day (think a big community celebration day along the lines of a fall festival… but during the summer…). 


Grace was able to provide a bounce house for the kids to play in, give away a brand new HDTV, and get to know people in the neighborhood. It was an incredibly encouraging day to see people from Grace come out and serve others that live right across the street from where we meet!


We’re encouraged and thankful for all that God has done this summer. 

But, when will you see us? We’re planning to make our way down to Florida this Christmas and hope to see as many of you as possible during that time. And, before that we’ll give each of you a call in the next couple of months to catch up and give you a more personal update. 

We hope to talk to you all very soon!