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Why not kick off our updates with a BIG and URGENT prayer request! Here’s the situation…

As many of you know, renting space for a church in NYC requires nothing short of needing a miracle. The size of the congregation rarely matches the cost of what you actually need to get into a space that fits your congregation. So, it’s nothing short of a miracle when you find a place that works.

Grace has been meeting in a YMCA here in NYC for a little over 6 years now. A couple of weeks ago, however, we were called into a meeting with the Y’s directors in which we were informed that our rent was being raised 500% (yes, that’s unfortunately legal) beginning January 1st.

So, we announced to our church yesterday that December 31st would be our final Sunday at the Y…

…and that we don’t know where we’ll be going from here. 

My initial reaction to all of this was that the enemy was attacking and trying to take us out. However, the more that we’ve (Jess and I and the team at Grace) prayed about this and looked to God together, we can’t help but see this as God at work. We believe that God is moving us to be a blessing to our city in a new way.

While it’s amazing to follow God in these moments and to realize that he’s leading us to even more effectively serve our city, it’s also a time to pray and seek God on our behalf.

So, as we find ourselves in the best place to be, on our knees in need of God to answer us, would you join us as we pray for the next place that God might be bringing Grace in our city?

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more!

Thanks for praying with us in this big moment for our church!!!