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Our adventure began when we were married in 2007. Very little of this life was on our radar. Sure, we had plans, but, as we all know, plans change. And that about sums up our journey. Kids, careers, cities, life…

Jess, born a Texan. Daniel, a native Floridian. Our kids, bona fide New Yorkers. 

After 10 years in NYC, we’re all sort of New Yorkers now, but, living in Florida. Here our adventure has us on a new path of discovery. Life outside of the city. Life outside of the North East. We’ve been dropped into a culture that we once belonged to, but, now seems somewhat foreign.

So, if you’d like to follow along with our crazy ride, sign up below, sit back, and good luck figuring it all out. We most certainly haven’t…

A Little about us…


Moving to Florida has been a homecoming of sorts for Daniel as he was born and raised in the Florida Panhandle.

After graduating from Florida State Daniel entered ministry as a campus minister at FSU. He then moved to Atlanta, GA where he served as the Campus Ministry director for Every Nation Campus Ministries at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. 

It was during his time in Atlanta that he and Jessica were married…


Daniel & Jessica’s journey then took them from Atlanta, GA to New York City, NY where they joined the staff of the Community of Grace on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

During their time in NYC they grew in ministry and as a family seeing both of their children born and raised as New Yorkers.

After nearly 10 years in NY they relocated to Florida where they’ve entered new careers in real estate, business, and ministry consulting.


Jessica is no stranger to Florida, either. She moved to the Ocala area as a child and lived here until moving away after high school.

Following high school she spent a year in Germany before also heading to Florida State University. After graduating, she too served as a Campus minister at FSU followed by Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

As she and Daniel were married in 2007, she joined him in Atlanta at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University…

The Latest…

Where Are We?

Where Are We?

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A New Chapter…

A New Chapter…

Tomorrow morning (or maybe today as you’re reading this) our church begins a new chapter. Honestly, more accurately said, it’s another new chapter for our church in the course of a year.
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