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Our Family's Journey in Life and Ministry in NYC


Our adventure began when we were married in 2007. NYC wasn’t on our radar. We had visited NYC before, but only crazy people lived there. As fate would have it, though, in 2009 we became the crazy people when we moved here to work with a church in Manhattan.

Additionally, we’ve found ourselves raising two full blooded New Yorkers who aren’t impressed by big buildings and aren’t intimidated by large crowds (quite different than how their parents grew up). They’ve known nothing other than busy streets, crazy cab rides, and crowded subway cars since before they were born.

Our lives aren’t typically American and neither is our church. Since we began our journey north, we’ve learned a lot, we’ve grown a lot, we’ve changed a lot. This is a place for us to share a little of what goes on in our tiny part of this big city…

A Little about us…


Daniel grew up in the Florida panhandle where he was taken to church every Sunday. This wasn’t necessarily his ideal, but, he went along without complaining (ok, mostly without complaining… maybe with a little complaining… sometimes…). He couldn’t have known at the time that a foundation for his future was being laid with every Sunday school class and church service.

It wasn’t until he was in college that he realized that he wasn’t very committed to his faith and was struggling with many of the big questions that life often throws our way. It was then, at Florida State University, that God used a number of events and relationships to draw Daniel’s heart to Himself.

A couple of years later, while on a mission trip to China, Daniel knew that God was leading him into ministry. Upon graduating from FSU Daniel was trained as a campus minister and spent time as a campus minister at Florida State and then leading a campus ministry at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University.


It was during their times in Georgia and New Jersey that Daniel and Jessica grew beyond a foundation of friendship and began to date. They were married in 2007 and began ministering together on the campuses of Georgia Tech and Georgia State. During that time God began to burden their hearts for church planting in cities.

Through a series of divine connections and meetings God connected them with a church in New York City where they moved to be a part of a two year internship in 2009. As that season came to a close they realized that God hadn’t simply led them to NY for only two years. There was still more that he had for them their.

Since then they’ve grown into the city, and the city into them. Daniel currently serves as the Executive Pastor of the Community of Grace and Jessica serves as the Children’s Pastor. While the church is in Manhattan, they currently reside in Queens, NYC.


Jessica spent much of her early childhood in the Texas panhandle where she received a Christian education before her family moved to central Florida. In Florida she continued her Christian education until she graduated and began attending the local High School. She was always active in church and attended several missions trips through her youth groups before graduating.

Upon graduating she spent a year living with her grandmother in Germany before returning to the U.S. and attending Florida State University. It was during her time at Florida State that she continued to grow deeper in her faith and eventually made the difficult decision to follow God into ministry.

After graduating she was also trained as a campus minister and spent time ministering to international students on FSU’s campus. She then moved to New Jersey to help begin a new campus ministry at Rutgers.

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New York City is expensive and it takes a lot to live here. We know that because God has called us to minister here, God will also provides a way for us to live here.

We simply could not do it without our Ministry Partners. Ministry Partners are people who support us in our ministry in NYC through prayers and finances. It’s through your prayers and gifts that we’re able to share the passion and wonder of Jesus throughout our city on a daily basis. It’s worth saying again, we simply could not do it without our Ministry Partners. So, THANK YOU!

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